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This teen made $20,000 by waiting in line for hours for impatient people

In Texas, BBQ food lovers often queue up to three hours to get their fix at their favourite stands. An entrepreneurial teenager from Austin managed to make around $20,000 by queuing for busy adults, according to the Independent.

In an interview with the Independent, Desmond Roldan, 15, revealed that he came up with the idea back when he was in seventh grade while talking with his family about getting a job for the summer and being too young to be hired. “My uncle was talking about how there’s a long line at Franklin’s and that he would pay someone to wait in line and I took the idea and made it into a business,” Roldan recalls.

To keep himself occupied in the queue, he does his homework, plays on his phone or brings a friend. The longest queue Roldan has been in was at Franklin BBQ, when he had to wait for seven hours in the summer heat. He remembers his all-time favourite client: ” A couple were moving away from Austin and this guy’s wife paid me to wait in line because it was her husband’s dream to have Franklin’s BBQ and he cried when we gave him his BBQ. ”


The biggest sum he received for waiting in line was when a hedge fund guy gave him a 100% tip, because it was a holiday weekend; he made over $200. Roldan revealed he has made enough money to buy a car, but he is saving up for college. He is not planning to “retire” any time soon. Asked when he will stop waiting in line for people, he said: “When I stop getting customers.”

When he is not waiting in queues, Roldan is getting good grades, working two other jobs and donating money to help rescue dogs. In the future, he wants to become a businessman.

Daisy Wilder