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Quadruple white tiger cubs become internet sensation after being presented to the public

Quadruple white tiger cubs became an internet sensation after they were introduced to the public. The rare offspring are expecting guests at the White Zoo in Austria.

The White Zoo in Austria witnessed the birth of four white tiger cubs. The exotic felines, named Falco, Toto, Mia and Mautzi were carefully looked after the zoo’s staff until they were strong enough to be presented to the public. Now that they have gathered their strength, the four cubs are expecting visitors and guests with the zoo organizing special tours.

When born, the four cubs weighed about one kilogram each and their mother, Thalie, was in labour for five hours before giving birth to the cubs.


The birth of white tiger cubs is in itself an accomplishment as few zoos in the world have been successful at breeding white tigers. The zoo in Austria has become famous for its achievements and its successes are due to breeding tigers with a healthy genetic background and also to the care and professionalism of the staff employed here, a statement made by a visiting doctor noted.

The White Zoo, situated some 150 km outside Austria‘s capital city, is very popular among tourists and local as it houses several albino animals.

White tigers are very popular in zoos. They are a variant of the Bengal tiger, it has the distinctive black stripes but their fur is white as it is lacking pheomelanin.

Sylvia Jacob