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Canada encourages people to test soil quality using underwear

Canada encourages its citizens to test soil quality using white underwear as part of the National Soil Conservation Week, according to Atlas Obscura.

Canadian officials are encouraging citizens to bury boxers or briefs in the ground, only underwear that is white and 100% cotton.

The people are then advised to check the status of the underwear after two months. If all of the cotton has been consumed and only the waistband remains, it means that the soil is full of life, because earthworms and other organisms are notorious for eating cotton ”like steak”, according to Kier Miller, a director at the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.


The officials further declared that if some of the cotton remains, it might be a sign that the soil is suffering from overuse and might need some rest.

The council named its campaign ”Soil Your Undies”.

Lydia Peirce