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San Francisco entrepreneurs have a ”Hack Temple”, where technology is religion

A Russian angel investor will convert a 104-year-old church in San Francisco into a ”Hack Temple” to offer people passionate about start-ups a place of worship.

Pavel Cherkashin, a former executive at IT giants Adobe and Microsoft, will transform the traditional church into an event center for international startups founders.

“It’s time to build new religions around what we really believe in, technology,” Cherkashin wrote in his manifesto.

The investor also said that if he were to start a religion he would start the Church Of Hacktism. Last November, GVA Capital bought the former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, built in 1912, for $7 million.

The building has an eclectic history. The church served as a place of worship for Spanish-speaking immigrants for 80 years. After being closed in 1991, it became an English school for Chinese-speaking children.

Cherkashin hopes to carry on the building’s tradition of bringing diverse groups of people together.

“This is the perfect place for people from all over the world to come and share their vision for the future.” Cherkashin told Business Insider.

Renovations are ongoing, but these pictures give a glimpse of the future of the space. The church will be fully operational by summer 2017.

Alexa Stewart