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The devil in the details- Son of Sam 40 years later


The Summer of 1977 had New York City in a state of prolonged terror as a “serial killer” was on the loose and preying on young women with dark hair and their boyfriends. The case was closed with the arrest of David Berkowitz, who was later tried and sentence as the lone killer. What is the real story that’s been largely ignored?

Almost from the minute David Berkowitz was arrested questions arose about whether or not this chubby, goofy postman could be the .44 Caliber Killer that had held the New York metropolitan area in the grip of fear for months.

Author Maury Terry published a book titled The Ultimate Evil, in which he laid out a vast number of contentions that stand in complete opposition to the official police report and charges. Although, as Terry admitted, and by the way so does Berkowitz, that he was the trigger man on at least one of the murders, it is highly unlikely he was the trigger man in most of them.


One of the people who argues the loudest against the claims in Terry’s book is Wheat Carr, who’s bother John and Pete, literally son’s of Sam Carr, are suggested in the book to be the ring leaders of a group of misfits that just happened to attend Satanic rituals in a park in Yonkers.

The details of Terry’s dossier speak for themselves and don’t need rehashing here. Whether or not you believe all of Terry’s claims, none of them or somewhere in between, the fact that Berkowitz admits his guilt and has shown no interest in trying to play the system, gives his statement credibility. “I was there, at all of them. And in the area, and scouting, and I had a part. I’m responsible for my involvement in those things, and, you know, definitely guilty.” Berkowitz said in a 1994 interview the NBC news. Berkowitz’s story of a Satanic cult behind not only the SOS murders, but a wide network of criminal, and pure evil activity is the bigger picture here and the one that is mostly ignored.

If even a small percentage of the evidence exposed by Terry and validated by Berkowitz is true than there is very likely still a very wicked, evil conspiracy running amuck in America and possibly worldwide. A conspiracy that is largely ignored by and sometimes even supported by police and press alike.

Here is Berkowitz in his own words and you can judge his credibility:

Many people dismiss talk of a Satanic cult behind, what would clearly be defined as organized crime, as a conspiracy theory. Still, what can not be denied is the number of violent crimes where the perpetrator professed an admiration, dedication to or fascination with Satan. The very notion of dark force embodied in a devil spirit is enough to drive humans to carry out horrific acts in service to that idea. Clearly it does not require organization. But what of all the cases where the is clear and undeniable of organization, and coincidentally, a satanic connection?

Berkowitz talks of his indoctrination into satanism and how it lead him to inner demons that made him responsible for murders and mass hysteria throughout the city. The sheer number of people arrested, tried and convicted of violent crimes that have a deep connection to satanism indicates that the argument about organization or the reality of cults doesn’t matter. Clearly satanism is a problem, which really begs the question as to why so many people in authority and positions of influence want to suggest it’s all fantasy.


Matthew Nappo