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Alaska’s mystery ice creature revealed after video went viral

 Two employees of the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska posted a recording on social-media that has sparked debates regarding a possible unknown creature swimming in the icy waters of the Chena River.

Craig McCaa and Ryan Delaney took a mysterious video of what seems to be a creature slowly making its way through the icy waters of the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska. The recording has gone viral after people started speculating about what kind of animal the two amateur videographers captured on camera. From sharks to alligators, beavers or simply debris, people give their best opinions in order to make sense of the footage.

Puzzled by the video, the BLM sought out an explanation and came up with an update to the original post. According BLM, the most compelling explanation, one shared by experts at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game – Official and others, is that the video shows “frazil ice stuck to a rope that is probably caught on a bridge pier.” Another photo was posted, of the same location, but the so-called creature was gone. The BLM also explained to its readers what frazil ice really is. Frazil ice is a collection of small crystals of frozen mist. The particles of ice can fall down the stream. mix with the liquid water, transforming the stream into slurry.

And the rope theory sure has its followers as the picture taken in the last day of October, after the ice has melted, shows that the snow creature disappeared.

Sylvia Jacob

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