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Video game streamer PewDiePie uses another racial slur weeks after apologizing for his reported Nazism


PewDiePie, one of Youtube’s biggest stars, has managed to offend audiences again after using the N-word during a live stream of Players Unknown Battlegrounds.

Once again, game streamer PewDiePie has managed to pull off the cringe-worthiest moment of the week, this time by using the N-word during a live stream. PewDiePie, real name Felix Arvid Uld Kjellberg, spewed the racially charged taunt while streaming a gaming session of Players Unknown Battlegrounds, in which players are tasked to scavenge for weapons and items and kill their opponents to be the last man standing.

During a bout of frustration, PewDiePie utters “What a f***ng N****r … sorry, but what the f**k”, he then pausing in an awkward moment of self-realization and apologizes before coming to terms with what he just did. The moment was captured in the video below.


For those who are unaware, PewDiePie is an internet celebrity prominent in the gaming community with 57 million subscribers and counting, many of which are minors. His streaming garners an estimated $15 million worth of income for a man who is no stranger to controversy. Social Media is erupting with reaction to his most recent offense. Yet, this seems to be a trend with the streaming sensation.

Months ago, in a highly publicized video, he used anti-semitic remarks causing Google and Disney to drop him. In February, PewDiePie was witnessed in a video with Nazi imagery and people holding signs with “Death to all Jews” on them. Once again PewDiePie has not taken his actions into account. His reply? It was a “joke gone too far”. He seemed far more apologetic for the reaction of others than his behavior.

His brand has incurred substantial damages because of his continuous offensive behavior, yet still, he persists. Despite the controversy, he has managed to establish a brand that seems to have no end in sight. It should be stated that he does contribute to his community and charity, yet for a man with such a wide audience, he seems completely unaware of his influence.

It finally seems like the last straw may have been reached. Firewatch developer Seaon Vanaman took to the most public of forums, Twitter, to take down the face of game streaming. He is fling DMCA takedowns notices for all Firewatch content with PewDiePie’s name attached to it. Below is his statement:

Stay tuned for more information on where this latest controversy leads.


Novoa B