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Alex Rodriguez, about his relationship with Jay-Lo: “This is one of the most humiliating memories in my life”


Forming a couple with Jennifer Lopez is the cherished dream of many men. Still, it turns out that the relationship with the singer it’s not such a beautiful dream, according to the Lopez’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, who said that he feels humiliated in her company.

Pop diva Jennifer Lopez and baseball star Alex Rodriguez form a couple for several months. The couple’s relationship can be called harmonious: lovers often travel, dress like twins and do not hesitate to show their feelings in public. But the medal has a reverse: during a recent interview on the Jimmy Fallon show, Rodriguez frankly admitted that, because of the relationship with J. Lo, he feels humiliated.

“When I was playing for the New York Yankees, we won the World Cup,” said Rodriguez. “I thought that I became famous and successful. But with Jennifer it’s different: when we are together, I’m always taken for her guard. ”


“I swear to you,” adds Rodriguez. “When we were at Met Gala, the photographers were screaming for me to get out of the way because they want to shoot the photo of Jen. This is one of the most humiliating memories in my life!”

The relationship of 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 41-year-old Alex Rodriguez became known in March 2017. The couple went on a few dates and then went on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas. “He is the best,” said Lopez. “Alex is very cheerful and just wonderful. I’m happy”.

Recently, Rodriguez’s former girlfriend publicly accused him of betraying Lopez. The couple did not give any comments.

Saida Safikhanova