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Prince George heads to school


He may be royalty, but when it comes to education, he’s just like the rest of us. Prince George started what will be years of education on Thursday, when he attended his first day at school at Thomas’s Battersea in London.

On Thursday, several children started the beginning of what will be years of education leading to a career in the long run. One child, however stood out to the rest of the world on his first day of school. Of course, that is Prince George. Like all commoners, Prince George began a years long journey into education by attending his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in London. The day brought memories of when his father, Prince William, attended his first day of school with his mother and father.

Prince George arrived in a Land Rover with his father. His mother, Kate Middleton, was noticeably absent due to her severe morning sickness from her third pregnancy. Unfazed by the fact that he was going to his first day of school, Prince George clutched onto his father hand, while shaking the hand of the head of his new school.


Wearing the school’s navy uniform, while his father carried his backpack, memories were brought back, when Prince William attended his first day of school many years ago. He attended Wetherby School in London and the day was remembered when William turned back and gave a shy but heartwarming wave to the press. His mother, Princess Diana, and father, Prince Charles were both in attendance.

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Royal Photographer/Kensington Palace

A photo was released by Kensington Palace of Prince William, and Prince George to mark the occasion. The photo was taken by royal photographer, Chris Jackson. On twitter the photo read “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a photograph of The Duke and Prince George at Kensington Palace this morning. The image was taken shortly before Prince George left for his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea.”

The soon to be family of five moved to London in order for Prince George to attend Thomas’s Battersea. The Duke and Dutchess relocated their family from the quiet and quaint home at Amner Hall in Norfolk to Kensington Palace in order for Prince George to attend the school. However, Prince George was not the only reason for the relocation. The Duke and Dutchess have taken on more royal engagements after Prince Phillip stepped down from royal duties, as well as the Queen backing out of more royal engagements. Prince Harry also lives in a smaller apartment in Kensington Palace.

The independent-fee paying school Thomas’s Battersea costs roughly £17,604 a year ($23,000), and is said to be a “big, busy school”. It’s education has been said to be the best in terms of English education. Basically, parents are paying for a great education, and when it comes to royals, well they just get the best of the best.

Good luck, Prince George!

Stephanie Valenzuela