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Top 5 most shocking celeb deaths (so far)


A look at the deaths that rattled Hollywood in 2017

Every year, there’s always that one celebrity death that hits you right in the heart strings, a death so shocking it rattles your perspective a little bit too. Below, you’ll find the top 5 list of celebs who have simply gone too soon and in some cases stood as industry legends.

1.     George A. Romero (77)


Romero an industry legend within the horror genre who was often called the Godfather of the zombie genre. A legendary filmmaker he brought to life cult classic “Night of the Living Dead” and helped inspire all our current fan-favorite zombie shows such as The Walking Dead. Romero passed after a relatively short battle with lung cancer.

2.     Adam West (88)

Best known for his portrayal as the famed caped-crusader Batman in the classic TV show named after the hero that aired between 1966-1968. West was also known for his role on Family Guy where he played his fictional and beloved counterpart with the same name. West passed away after a short battle with leukemia.

3.     Nelsan Ellis (39)

Best known for playing his outspoken homosexual character, Lafayette on the hit vampire show Trueblood, Ellis was on the right track to stardom. Ellis passed due to complications dealing with heart failure.

4.     John Heard (72)

Everyone’s favorite dad in the Home Alone movies and more commonly as a character in the Sharknado movies, Heard was a well-known actor in the industry and his death was a great loss. Heard passed away in his Hollywood home from a heart attack.


5.     Chester Bennington (41)

The Linkin Park frontman had just released their latest album One More Light. For years, Bennington had suffered from depression and alcoholism and the band even penned songs about his struggles which Bennginton crooned in such a way, audiences everywhere felt it. He is survived by his wife and six children from different marriages.

Nancy Sully