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Opinion – The problem with the Kardashian vs Chyna drama


Because it’s about more than the sexting or “how she looked” in the photos.

Let’s face it, by this point we’ve all heard about the latest scandal surrounding Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Whether you glanced over the story or followed their tumultuous journey together from the beginning, you know that their relationship is not just over but Rob Kardashian tried to “out” Chyna on social media by posting not just nudes but paired them with a slew of vicious assaults and accusations.

It’s not about whether or not everything Kardashian said on his Instagram posts and Twitter rants are true or not. What everyone should be talking about is the fact that he degraded the mother of his child and humiliated her in front of the world. Chyna has since commented on Rob’s rants and regardless of her comments, nearly 38% of women (according to an article written in Bustle magazine in 2016) sext and that number continues to rise no matter the possible repercussions. While most woman admit they often don’t know why they send the photos, they do and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Chyna sent the photos to a man she loved, liked, or just felt comfortable enough sending them to and the small amount of trust built in hitting that send button was burned when he made the photos public. Rob tried to drag Chyna on social media but instead the only thing he ended up doing was making of himself look extremely immature in the process.

We get it Rob; you were “tricked” and “cheated” and while this article was not written to support either side but to talk about the natural born rights of all women around the world. Regardless, I’m sure there will be a future Kardashian episode dedicated to the drama where the sister’s band together with their comments and thoughts on the matter will be on repeat until the premiere on E!

Nancy Sully