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Top 3 Celebrity PR nightmares (and how they bounced back)


Kathy Griffin isn’t the only one who made a mistake-here’s a list of others like her.

Last month, Kathy Griffin posted a powerful image to social media of a severed and bloody head that bore a striking resemblance to President Trump. Holding him up by a fistful of his hair, Griffin stared straight into the camera with a stern and defiant expression. The D-list comic mentioned that she had merely wanted to make a joke but nothing could prepare her for the aftermath of her post. The gory photo did everything but make people laugh. Instead, it outraged the nation and also may have single handedly ended Griffin’s career. There are undoubtedly numerous controversies floating around Griffin’s apology and graphic posting but with her future in the entertainment industry dangling in the air, one can’t help but think of other celeb nightmares of the PR nature.

Below are other notable celeb comebacks/career disasters so Kathy, have your team take notes.


1.     Britney Spears 

The epic 2007 mental break that had tabloids scrambling to put the image of Brit shaving her hair off on the cover of nearly every major publication. That year and the years leading up to the break were a rough patch in the pop icon’s career but after a stint in rehab, Britney came back healthy and collected and she showed the world why she was the Queen of Pop and one of the main voices of our adolescent lives. With the support and love from her fandom, Britney threw herself back into her music and has released a few albums since the incident. She was even a judge on X-factor back in 2015.

2.     Chris Brown

Anyone who was anyone remembers the 2009 VMA’s where we all sat on the edge of our seats watching and waiting for a glimpse of Chris Brown and Rihanna, who we later found hadn’t showed. But, the next day we found out why. The assault made headlines and Rihanna’s bruises covered the entire web. Domestic abuse is never okay and the case that followed only cemented that fact while raising awareness to the issue. For a while, it seemed that there was nothing Brown could do to remedy the situation as things spiraled out of control. But, after giving a mournful apology and asking his fans for forgiveness, Brown has bounced back and while the world will never forget his actions, his career, at least for now, is still on track.

3.     Alec Baldwin

2007 proved difficult for a few celebrities but Alec Baldwin’s viral voicemail message to his daughter proved that the beloved 30 Rock star had some inner demons. At the time, Baldwin was going through a tough divorce and while that can be damaging to anyone who has gone through one, many found the tirade uncalled for an offensive. Regardless, Baldwin relied heavily on his acting and after issuing an apology, pushed on with his 30 Roc character and other acting achievements.

None of the above celebs have quite gone through what Griffin is going through currently but one thing is true. They relied on their fans in one way or the other. Though she issued a remorseful and emotional apology about the photo, many wondered if it was enough or even more, if it even mattered. But, in Griffin’s case only time will tell and maybe with the support of fans and friend, she can get through this just like everyone else.


Nancy Sully