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David Henrie is a rising star


Learn about David Henrie’s transition from a child actor to an adult in the world of entertainment.

David Henrie is a very unique actor because of his early start on the entertainment business. Even though he just turned 28, he is still making huge milestones within his career as well as his personal life. It fact, he recently wed Maria Cahill on April 21,2017. David Henrie is definitely making his mark as a young star on the rise.

Born on July 11, 1989, David Henrie has acted on several hit television shows, such as How I Met Your Mother as well as the Disney Channel shows Wizards of Waverly Place and That’s So Raven. Besides acting, Henrie has also done comedic roles in Paul Blar: Mall Cop 2 (2015) and dramatic parts in Little Boy (2015). Henrie has done over thirty acting parts ever since his first role as Mark Triedman on an episode of Providence in 2002.


Henrie has also done two writing credits, including composing the episode entitled, “Alex’s Logo” on Wizards of Waverly Place. He also wrote, directed, and produced a short called Catch in 2014. Henrie might only be 28, but he is definitely a diligent contributor to the entertainment business.


Alex Phuong