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Bill Cosby’s retrial set for nov. 6th


Bill Cosby’s first trial for sexual assault ended with a hung jury; the retrial is set to begin November 6th. A deadlocked jury five months ago is not going to keep Bill Cosby out of the courtroom. He is scheduled to return in front of a judge on November 6th for a sexual assault charge.

The veteran comedian is accused of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in his home in 2004. It’s the only criminal charges the 79-year-old actor faces after accusations of sexual molestation came forth in high volume. He has denied the accusations since the first claim surfaced several years ago.

In the first trial, the jury deliberated for a little over fifty hours before returning to the courtroom to tell the judge they were not going to be able to reach a decision. Prosecutors immediately began preparing for the upcoming trial once the judge heard the jury’s decision and declared a mistrial.


Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby’s spokesperson, had no comment in regards to the date of the new trail.

Many jurors said deliberations were emotion-filled. Different recollections on the events that transpired make it unclear why the jury was not able to reach a unanimous decision. Juror Bobby Duncan said he felt the second trial was completely necessary, as he felt Bill Cosby was guilty and needed to accept his punishment.

“Whether he is found guilty or not guilty, the people effected by this situation should be able to take that first step of getting closure,” Juror Bobby Duncan said.

An anonymous juror said it “would be a waste of money”. “Whatever is was (Bill Cosby) did, he already paid the price through pain and suffering. He’s looking horrible. I questioned whether or not he would make it through the entire trial or not.” The anonymous juror told a reporter.

Bill Cosby did not testify at the first trial, but one of his defense attorneys has hinted that might changed for this trial. Another of Cosby’s defense attorneys said “It was never ruled out (if Cosby would testify). He’s an articulate and has plenty of charisma.”

Warren Peace