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Opinion: Mayweather and Justin Bieber are no longer friends


Justin Bieber has decided to cut off his relation with his close friend Floyd Mayweather. They were known for being close friends that would always hang out with each other after Mayweather’s fights. But Justin Bieber had randomly decided to unfollow Mayweather from Instagram. According to TMZ, he is getting counseled by the Hillsong Church and they told him that he had to cut off any bad influences in his life.

The biggest reason why Mayweather is his first friend to quit is the fact that Mayweather is known for going to strip clubs all the time. In reply, Mayweather called Bieber a “traitor.” This just made the situation worst because, after Mayweather called him a “traitor”, Bieber said that Conor McGregor could win the fight against Mayweather.

Hopefully, Mayweather doesn’t throw anymore negative comments towards Bieber, and, hopefully, Bieber doesn’t do that as well. Because there is a very big chance that Mayweather could win the fight and come after Bieber once he finishes his fight with McGregor.


Amanda Lalljee