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Sly Cooper TV Series is in the works


One of the most iconic Sony Playstation video game characters is finally getting his own TV series, complete with a merchandise line that will be aimed to entertain youth audiences.

Making its debut in the Video Game Industry in 2002 with the original Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, it has just been announced 15 years later in 2017 that Sly Cooper will be getting a computer-generated animated television series that will be broadcasted worldwide. Joining forces for this project will be Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Paris-based Technicolor Animation Productions. PGS, an investment group based in Hong Kong, will be handling the global distribution of this series, including licensing and merchandising rights. PGS is a privately-owned investment family group that is dedicated to brand management of intellectual property in the space of kids’ entertainment.

The Sly Cooper franchise has been a great success in the Video Game Industry, which is a story about a charismatic raccoon who has the desire to become one of the best Master Thieves in the entire world, continuing a legacy that his storied family established. Basically acting as a modern-day Robin Hood, restoring justice by stealing from the rich to give back to the poor, Sly is always accompanied by his best friends who make up the “Cooper Gang'”, a turtle who calculates and plans the heists in Bentley, and a big, strong hippo who plows through obstacles in Murray. One who is always chasing Sly and attempting to arrest him is Insepctor Carmelita Montoya Fox, a cop who is morally upright but can’t deny that she has a crush on the Master Thief in question.

Managing Director of Technicolor Animation Productions Sandrine Nguyen states that the company is thrilled to embark on this new adventure with Sly Cooper and his colorful universe. The variety in the characters and the the rich and deep storylines are claimed by Nguyen to be a perfect fit for television. Nguyen goes on to state that while teenagers will get reacquainted with Sly as a TV series, younger children will take to the charming Sly as something that is completely new to them.

Senior Director of First Party Games Marketing Asad Qizilbash states that his company is thrilled to be working with Technicolor Animation and PGS to bring Sly and his gang to life on the television screen for a whole new generation of fans to enjoy.

Sony Playstation has officially given the greenlight to a video game franchise that is more than worthy of having its own television series, and in a time when television could use some creativity in their daily lineup of shows, especially in the animated categories, bringing a Sly Cooper show into the fold is just what the doctor ordered. The Sly Cooper franchise is a highly marketable franchise with a ton of potential to reach out to other media platforms, and not just video games. Having an animated television series is one way of reaching out to broader audiences.

Steven Vitte

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