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Opinion: How to position yourself for success


Like most motivated people in the world, we are all striving for greatness. Now, as far as I know, an instant success formula has not been created nor has a prototype been put on display for us to purchase -at least not yet. So with that in mind, we must all go through some sort of process or you can wait it out for that magic formula just like the rest of us are waiting for the belly fat magic potion.

So as we wait for the impossible to happen, I will list a few steps to help jump start your engine towards success. And while I do not have the courage or credentials to call myself an expert yet, I’ve taken plenty of back roads during my attempts to find and take short cuts which sometimes made things just a little bit harder than I expected.

My one qualification, outside of a degree, is that I am somewhat of a bookworm, which will allow me to relay information to those who may be short on time or like shorter readings. I will summarise the hell out of those extra-long books that contain a lot of fluff that you won’t have to take your precious time to read through.


That said, you can consider it a win-win, I get to do what I enjoy, which is to read, write, speak my mind and give relevant advice, while you’re able to get straight to the nitty-gritty of the subject …. and get the information you were searching for.

Relax, stay in your lane and go with the flow. You got this!

To that end, let’s dive into some pointers that may get your life compass back in working order.

My top tips for yah!

Meditate/Pray – for clarity and perhaps for the sake of your sanity no doubt, use this as your center/starting point

Make a plan – set goals that are realistic, obtainable and measurable

Trust the process – even when things look and get ugly, you keep going


Stay in your lane – do not stall your growth by comparing your journey to someone else’s we all have a gift or talent that the world can use

Slay in confident silence – be humble (Kendrick voice)

Choose your circle by deliberately surrounding yourself with people with the same vision Or find joy in watching you move towards your vision (birds of a feather flock together) bottom line … you are who you regularly hang out with.

Don’t be afraid to tap into your support system, especially if they are willing to lift you up when life gets rough. Use them and their energy.

Eat well – I definitely recommend plant- based but, I understand it is not for everyone

Drink lots of water and tea – pinkies up

Take time out for you – exercising, outdoor fun et

Success is relative. Our definitions may be different from one another, but I believe we will all know when we get there.

Lastly, guys enjoy the journey, just like a road trip you have your pit stops, so while you have the chance smell the flowers of your choice and do not be afraid to just flow with the current.

Go.Get Yours…