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26-year-old CEO and self-made millionaire teaches us how to find our superpower

Brian Wong was a self-made millionaire by the time he was 20. At 26, the company that he founded, Kiip, is set to do more than $20 million in revenue this year.

Wong attributes his success to the fact that he knows what he’s good and plays to those strengths, as CNBC reports:

“My superpower is I’m really good at getting people super excited about stuff. I just use this energy and this ability to explain something in a simplistic fashion to just get people amped up and wanting to move,” Wong told CNBC.


“I can sit in front of you and make you excited about whatever — just by how I describe it and how I feel. It’s contagious, and you’ll just go, ‘Wow! That is so cool!’

“I do it even when I don’t need to. Can’t help it. That’s just me. And that’s how I know it’s my superpower,” Wong explained in a LinkedIn post.

Wong was a precocious kid. He skipped four grades in primary school, graduated high school at 14, started a web design company at 16, graduated from college at 18 and launched Kiip at 19 years old. He thinks that everyone has a superpower: “No matter who you are or what you do in life, you have a superpower—and by that, I mean something you do far better than most people. If you’re not using it, you’re crazy.”

On finding out that superpower, Wong suggests to “become Sherlock on your past”, by thinking about your past successes, what skills come naturally to you and what you gravitate towards the most. As an example, he said that if you loved Legos as a kid, you might be cut out to become an architect or designer.

“You need to understand those really simple signals that came from you growing up that actually could end up being what indeed is your superpower.

“If you’re hesitating, it’s probably just because we live in an era of fake humility and you don’t want to look arrogant. But confident people aren’t arrogant. They don’t need to be.

“Don’t be afraid to know your superpower and name it. Nobody will mind. We’re all looking for all the help we can get.”


Daisy Wilder