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Intel CEO talks almost getting fired and how he decides who will be terminated

Chief Executive Officer of Intel Brian Krzanich was close to being fired from the company when he was working as an engineer. Now Intel’s CEO says it takes more than being smart to keep a job.

Talking with CNBC’s Fortt Knox host Jon Fortt, Brian Krzanich said he’s ‘lucky to be employed at Intel.’

Twenty-five years ago, the man who is now CEO of the world’s largest maker of computer chips was an engineer at the company. And he made an error that almost got him fired.

“I wiped out the output of an entire factory for a week,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Jon Fortt in the latest episode of the Fortt Knox podcast. “I’m lucky to be employed at Intel, sometimes I say.”

Krzanich wasn’t fired and now talks about what can get you fired.

“The other thing I tell my daughters is, I’ve had to terminate or fire more people for being difficult to work with than being dumd,” he said.

Brian Krzanich was elected CEO of Intel on May 2, 2013, concluding a six-month executive search after incumbent CEO Paul Otellini announced his resignation in November 2012. Krzanich assumed the role of CEO on May 16, 2013 at the company’s annual general meeting.

John Beckett