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Hedge funds run by women pull double the amount of money compared to those run by men

Hedge funds run by women outperformed those run by male in 2017, as Financial Times reports.

Measurements of hedge fund performance, like the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite index, showed that all hedge funds returned 4.81% in the first seven months of this year. In comparison, the HFRX Women index, which looks at women run hedge funds, returned 9.95% in the same time period.

The numbers showed a that female run hege funds outperforming male hedge funds has been a trend ever since 2007. Furthermore, a 2015 study by Northeastern University found that only 439 hedge funds employ a female portfolio manager, while 9,081 employ a male for the same role.

A 2017 study by Harvard and the Bella Research Group pointed out that women own 1% of the industry’s assets. Besides, just 4.3% of hedge fund firms are owned by women at least 25%.

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