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Part time jobs mean low wages for UK men

Part time jobs bring low wages to UK workers and new data shows that the number of men bringing home less money has increased over the last 20 years.

Twenty years ago only 1 in 20 men aged 25 to 55 with low hourly wages worked part-time. Today one in five men work part-time. And the study says that the numbers reflect a steady trend, not just the recent recession.

The report goes further and shows that weekly earnings inequality among men has risen significantly, partly due to the fact that hourly wages for high-earners grew faster than those for middle-earners.

“The number of low-wage men working part time has increased sharply over the last twenty years. To understand the drivers of inequality in the UK it is vital to understand the growing association between low hourly wages and low hours of work among men,” said Jonathan Cribb, an author of the report and a Senior Research Economist at IFS.

Still, overall inequality has fallen in the UK, and according to experts, this is largely due to the tax and benefit system. But the disparities remain with the top 1% pulling further away from the rest.

Overall, men working part-time jobs with low wages lost about 20% of their hourly income and most of them gain less than £7.60 an hour.

The report comes as state officials are asking for new rules in order to tackle the high earnings brought about by large bonuses for managers.

Sylvia Jacob