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Whole Foods announces some of its stores were hacked


Early this week, Whole Foods released a statement that they have been the target of a cyber attack.

On Thursday, September 28, Whole Foods notified the public that they were the victims of hacking. The targets in question were customers who made purchases at the store’s taprooms and restaurants. Whole Foods has not released which locations have been affected or how many peoples’ information might have been stolen.


Those who only shopped at Whole Foods’ grocery store need not be worried. According to the company, the hackers did not gain access to the grocery systems. The reason for this is because the payment systems used in these areas of the store are different than the ones used in their taproom and restaurant sections. Hackers were able to infiltrate the “point of sale systems” -where customers insert their credit cards- and gain an unknown number of credit card information. If you have been to a Whole Foods taproom or restaurant recently and paid with a credit card, check your bank statements immediately.


Whole Foods has hired a cyber security firm and launched an investigation into the attack. The company says they will provide updates of the ongoing investigation as they are discovered.

Dan Calabrese

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