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How will the future look like? 3 miles tall skyscrapers with smog-eating, self-cleaning coating – VIDEO

Manufacturing company Arconic has reimagined the year 2062 through the eyes of leading futurists, engineers and filmmaker Justin Lin to ensure a preview with a campaign called “The Jetsons”.

The update of the world of The Jetsons made by firm’s engineers teamed up with futurists include new design marvels like flying cars and three-mile-high skyscrapers covered in a smog-eating, self-cleaning coating.

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“The Jetsons sci-fi cartoon series launched in 1962 and was set 100 years in the future. An instant hit, it presented an entertaining yet surprisingly forward-thinking vision of 2062. It’s amazing to see how much The Jetsons got right, predicting things like smartwatches, tablets and 3D printing and that made us wonder what else might still be in store. Flying cars? Extraordinary buildings?” the company mentioned on its website.

“So we gathered a brain trust of leading futurists and our own engineers to share their thoughts on what Arconic could help realize by 2062, and brought their vision to life with the help of film director Justin Lin.” it added.

The three-mile-high skyscraper will have smog-eating surfaces and retractable balconies, materials that are either in development or have already been brought to market.

One of the company’s chief materials scientists, Sherri McCleary, told Business Insider that one of the most exciting projects, EcoClean, was released in 2011, represents a special coating that helps buildings self-clean and purify the surrounding air.

According to Inhabitat, EcoClean works with help from light and water vapor, which mix with the chemicals in the coating to produce atoms known as free radicals.

The free radicals suck up and break down pollutants so they can be washed off the building “with just the slightest bit of moisture,” like dew or light rain.

The company claims 10,000 square feet coated with EcoClean “has the approximate air cleansing power of 80 trees.”

Among the technologies dreamed up for The Jetsons campaign are also flying cars inspired by nature, 3D-printed aerodynamic airplanes, and solar-powered rovers.

McCleary said that the 3D printing technology would offer architects more options and could enable buildings that wouldn’t otherwise be feasible to endure unique climates and high winds.

Madeline Gorthon