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Apple wants to manufacture servers and data center gear in the U.S.

Apple wants to manufacture computers in the US, yet these won’t be available to consumers. The American giant is planning to manufacture on American soil the required servers for its vast data centres.

Business Insider reporters discovered a series of documents showing that Apple wants to use its current plant in Mesa, Arizona.

The documents show that Apple wants to manufacture finished products, including server assembly cabinets.

Apple has already got the approval from the authorities to produce components for electronic products in Mesa, and, if given the green light, it will go on and manufacture servers for the data centres that company owns in North Carolina and Oregon.

Apple previously rented the Mesa plant to GT Advanced Technologies,– a company producing sapphire phone screens for Apple. The company went bankrupt in 2014, though, and since then Apple has been using the location for servers hosting iTunes and iCloud.

At the same time, Apple hired staff at the plant, emphasizing the infrastructure of the iCloud in its plans.

President-elect Donald Trump asked Apple in December to transfer to the US its iPhone production. However, this isn’t that likely, since most Apple suppliers are located in Asia, with companies assembling the iPhone (Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron) also operating on Asian soil.

At the moment, Apple is producing some of the Mac Pro computers in Austin, Texas. This is possible because Mac Pro is a high-end, expensive product. The Texas factory where the devices are produced is not directly owned by Apple, but by Flextronics, an assembly company similar to Foxconn.

Daniel Higgson