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Beauty point cards, a loyalty reward service


Customer service has always been the center point for any business to survive in the market. A contended customer means a successful business. They help you establish your name in the market and keep bringing new customers to you so your business can flourish.But retaining the old people is as important as attracting the new ones.

Like the other businesses, the health and beauty industry has also taken a step to modify their marketing tools. For any business to be successful, the engagement of customer is necessary. For this purpose, advertisements are made, promotional activities are held and shows are arranged to keep people interested. These tools are good to keep people attracted, but overtime their charm is faded. In this regard, the reward system introduced has been given a much applause. Beauty point cards is the new trend that is taking over the world right now.

Beauty point cards or beauty loyalty program is one that is offered by any salon/spa, cosmetic company or skin care Product Company to consumers that utilizes their services.  A point card is a plastic/paper card that hold reward points for the loyal customers. The customers are rewarded with different promotions for making purchases at their stores, thus buying their loyalty. Customer retention is necessary to run a business for long time. Customers are the kings, they make you stand in the market, build your brand and market your products to others so their loyalty is worth rewarding.


Many companies offer attractive privileges to their customers through beauty point cards. For e.g.

SEPHORA: Sephora has introduced reward card in three categories: white, black and gold card. White card is the primary card given to the customer at first visit. It is converted into black card when the shoppers shop of amount that is equal to 200 points. 1 point is earned on each 10 AED spent. Also the cardholder become eligible for a free gift. The black card is converted to gold card, more prestigious than the other two, when 1500 points are earned. Private sales and exclusive offers are key features of this gold card.

M.A.C: mac offers its customers great values for shopping. They have introduced the three-tier program i.e. the Seduced (upon signing up), the Devoted (on purchase of $150 in a year), and the Obsessed ($500 or more spent). These card offer perks like discounted products, sales, free samples and much more.


L’OREAL:  L’Oreal is world’s top professional beauty product brand. Such position in the market can only be achieved by adequate rewarding system. L’Oreal has always made sure that their customers experience not just the best products but also the best rewards. The reward levels offered by L’Oreal are silver, gold, platinum and black. Each level is based upon the amount of money spent. 2 points are earned by the expenditure of 1 dollar on the silver card, 3 points on gold card, 4 points on platinum card and 6 points on black card over 1 dollar respectively. The more you spend, the more points are accumulated in your card. These points later on, can be redeemed for purchasing other selected products from the store.

The main purpose of discussing the reward systems of world’s top beauty brands is just to demonstrate that taking care of the customer and their needs is a high priority thing. Through these beauty point cards customers can enjoy more than what they buy. These brands have the highest customer retention rate because they just do not stick with providing the best services and products to the customers but also to make them feel important and to thank them for support they have given to them.