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The company that wants to pay people to travel the world drinking

A Scottish whisky company is using a peculiar method to find its new sales ambassadors.

After initial interviews, three applicants to the job of global drinks ambassador for Grants whisky are going to be sent to postings around the world in order to drink, according to the Independent. In October, every candidate will represent the brand in three locations:



– Poland, Israel and India


– South Africa, the Nordics and Colombia


– Russia, Taiwan and France


The ambassadors will travel between cities, encouraging the locals to drink Grant whisky. However, participants will be able to get to this level after passing a two-stages challenge based interview. The first challenge involves creating a drink of three ingredients – one of them being Grants – and posting it on Instagram with the #GrantsInterview. So far, around 315 posts have appeared on Instagram, featuring this hashtag.


After enough people post on Instagram a photo with the drink, 250 will be selected and sent application forms. Out of the 250, 20 will be selected and they will get to spend two nights in a hotel for a mixing event. Only one person will get to have the job of global ambassador.

Daisy Wilder