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McDonald’s secret ingredient that makes their fries so addictive

The beloved McDonald’s fries have a little-known ingredient that makes them so delicious.

A key flavouring ingredient called “natural beef flavour” is added to the fries in all of the Mc Donald’s restaurant across the world. This means that the fries are not vegan, because their taste is derived from milk, as the Independent reports.

On the company’s website the flavour is listed as containing “hydrolysed wheat and hydrolysed milk as starting ingredients.” In the process of hydrolysation, the wheat and milk proteins are broken down with water, resulting in an umami test that gives the fries a meaty note.


McDonald’s is making their fries from whole potatoes which are peeeled, cut, partially fried and then packaged to be shipped to the restaurants. They are fried in the factory at first and then in the restaurant. “Once the potatoes are cut, we push the strips to a blancher to remove the natural sugars from the strips,” Mario Dupuis, the production manager for McCain who supply fries for McDonald’s in Canada, said. “Following the blanching process we add a dextrose solution to have that nice even coat that we see in the restaurants. We also add an ingredient to our strips to make sure that we prevent the graying of our product throughout the process.”

Daisy Wilder