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The countries with the most educated workforces

An educated workforce ensures the development and economic growth of a country. People with a higher education level are less likely to be unemployed and more likely to earn a higher salary and be productive, according to research.

The countries with the most educated workforces are these, as World Atlas reports:

1. Canada

Over half (52%) of all adults have a tertiary level of education (studies beyond high school level). The government allocated $23,226 of the national budget per student for educational attainment in 2011.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) administers the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) each year.

High school students from Canada performed better than the majority of other countries at math. Furthermore, among OECD countries, around 12% of adults have the highest level of literacy proficiency, while adults in Canada test higher, at 15%.

The high level of education can be linked to the country’s economy, which has a constant annual growth rate of 2.3%. It is also notable that 81.5% of Canadians with a university level education are employed, whereas only 55.8% of Canadians without tertiary education are employed.

2. Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, 48% of adults have a post-high school level education. This country allocates the highest amount of its national budget to students at all levels of educational attainment. These are 3 times the OECD average.

Due to its dedication to having an educated workforce, Luxembourg has the second lowest percentage (only 8%) of unemployed and uneducated youth.

Just 3% of individuals with a tertiary education are unemployed in Luxembourg, while 6% of those who did not finish high school are unemployed. It is worth mentioning that these highly educated individuals earn salaries that are 161% more than those with secondary education or less.

3. Ukraine

Here, 46% of adults have a tertiary level education. Political problems in the country hinder the way education affects the economy.

Yet Ukraine has the highest number of engineering graduates in Europe and the 4th highest number of certified IT professionals in the world. Labor wages are, however, very low in Ukraine, only $379 per month for 11 years of schooling in comparison to $1,114 in Hungary for 11.6 years of schooling.

Economists think that this low wage and the country’s location will attract foreign investment from the European Union.

Other countries that made the list of countries with the most educated workforces can be checked bellow:

Rank Country % of Labor Force with Tertiary Education
1 Canada 52
2 Luxembourg 48
3 Ukraine 46
4 Cyprus 43
5 Ireland 42
6 Norway 42
7 Belgium 42
8 Finland 41
9 United Kingdom 40
10 Lithuania 40
11 Estonia 40
12 Switzerland 38
13 Spain 37
14 Sweden 37
15 France 37

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