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Top 10 grammar mistakes people make, according to Microsoft

Microsoft released the top 10 grammar mistakes using data from millions of its subscribers. Collecting data from people who use Microsoft Word or Outlook, the company could find spelling and grammar errors.

Grammar mistakes can make a bad impression, especially when applying for a job. These type of mistakes show lack of attention to detail as well as carelessness, explained Nicole Michel, a linguist and project manager at Microsoft.

Here are the 10 most common grammar errors, along with examples, according to Microsoft.

1. Leaving too many white spaces between words

Example: To  the left.
Correct: To the left.

2. Missing a comma

Example: If the weather remains the same we’ll leave early.
Correct: If the weather remains the same, we’ll leave early.

3. Missing a comma after an introductory phrase

Example: First of all we must make sure that the power is off.
Correct: First of all, we must make sure that the power is off.

4. Missing a hyphen

Example: My 3 year old son
Correct: My 3-year-old son

5. Incorrect subject-verb agreement

Example: The cats eats.
Correct: The cats eat.

6. Incorrect capitalization

Example: It’s cold, But we are going out.
Correct: It’s cold, but we are going out.

7. Mixing up possessive and plural forms

Example: My sisters car is old.
Correct: My sister’s car is old.

8. Incorrect agreement with noun phrases

Example: I would like to buy this apples.
Correct: I would like to buy these apples.

9. Commonly confused words

Example: After all that running, I am out of breathe.
Correct: After all that running, I am out of breath.

10. Incorrect verb form after auxiliary

Example: They had ate when we arrived.
Correct: They had eaten when we arrived.

Alexa Stewart