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6,000 TfL staff have received counselling for stress and anxiety. They have to deal with “the terrible trauma of suicides”

Almost 6,000 Transport for London (TfL) staff have received counselling for issues including stress, anxiety and the witnessing of suicide attempts since 2010, it has been revealed.

The group of Tube drivers was the single one of staff given counselling in 2015-2016. In the last two years, 91 drivers were referred for counselling specifically to deal with “person under the train” incidents, Standard reports.

Since 2003, there had been almost 600 suicide attempts on London Underground.

“These figures demonstrate the pressure that tube staff, and especially drivers, work under as they do their best to cope with the demands placed upon them. It’s right that TfL support their hard working staff, especially those who have to deal with the terrible trauma of suicides on the Underground.” said Finn Brennan, from the Aslef rail union.

And the amount spent on counselling sessions for almost 6,000 members of staff is very high – over £4.4 million since 2010.

Stress was the main reason employees sought counselling, with 450 cases. In second place was anxiety (232) followed by depression on 200.

“Tube drivers spend eight hours a day working in a small metal box deep underground while coping with the pressure of a demanding job…it’s not surprising that some suffer from stress or depression occasionally.” added Finn Brennan.

Claire Reynolds