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Here’s why you should attend a job fair


Attending a job fair is a great way to land a job. Here’s why.

Many individuals are out here looking for work, whether it is full time or part time. Either way they all have the same objective, gain some sort of source of income. Back in the day people would go to stores and fill out a paper application or go to the store’s kiosk. Now without a doubt the most popular way to fill out an application is through your own home PC, but if you aren’t having much luck that way, why not attend a job fair? There is nothing to lose at all, in all actuality, there are nothing but pros. Here are some reasons why you should attend a local job fair.

Many employers-At a job fair, there are many different companies. Sometimes over 20, this means that you have a great chance of landing something. Also you get to interview with many different companies in a short amount of time. So make sure you smile and show your personality.


Onsite interviews-When you fill out a job application online, it may take days, weeks or even a month or two to get a response or an interview. At job fairs you get multiple interviews right on the spot. All you have to do is dress the part and bring your resume.

Interview practice– At a job fair you talk to many different representatives. You are going to get a response from each one of those representatives. At that point, you may learn what you need to work on when you go on interviews in the future. You get to practice your handshake, self introduction and your overall song and dance.

Networking-A lot of people don’t realize it, but attending a job fair can really open a job seekers eyes. They may find out about a company that they never heard of, they may find that they have interests in things that they didn’t go to school for or they may realize, “I need to go back to school.” Whatever the case may be, networking and meeting new people is always a positive.

Krystal Goethe