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What Brits lie about in their CVs and how employers view their fibs

We all know that CVs are not always as straightforward as they seem, and some even admit to having lied on their resumes in order to get the job they wanted. But a new YouGov survey wanted to know just how far are the Brits willing to go and which are the most common lies that feature on their CVs. 

When it comes to lying on your resume, only 10% of Brits admitted that they falsified their CVs, according to a recent YouGov poll. And when asked about what they’ve lied about, the vast majority of the participants, some 40%, said that they embellished their academic achievements.

The second most common thing that the Brits lied about in their resumes was linked to the time they spent at their jobs. 35% of participants said that they fibbed when it comes to the length of time they worked at one particular job.


Some 30% of Brits admitted that they have lied about the amount of experience they had and another common lie which can be found on British resumes concerns the personal interests section.

People also lie about their name and age. YouGov notes that this could be linked to several previous studies which have showed that candidates with English sounding names are far more likely to receive a positive response as opposed to those that have Muslim names. Also, 50-year-old are more likely to lose a job opportunity in front of much younger candidates.

What Brits lie about in their CVs and how employers view their fibs
source: YouGov

The survey also wanted to find out how employers view resume lies and which ones are considered to be the worst.

According to the participants, the worst thing that a job applicant can lie about is his name, followed by their education and level of experience. Age and personal interests do not matter that much, employers said.

What Brits lie about in their CVs and how employers view their fibs

Sylvia Jacob