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The most important sign it’s time to quit your job

It’s always hard to quit a job, especially if you don’t have an actual job offer from another employer.

There are a lot of reasons to quit, from the fact that there is no perspective to grow to the anxiety linked to the workplace.

But the most important sign that it is the moment to resign is the fact that you’ve started doing bad work, according to Toni Thompson, the head of talent and human resources for The Muse, a popular job-search and career-advice site, Business Insider reports.


She has spent 11 years working in human resources.

“You start doing bad work because you are so angry about your situation or frustrated.” explains Thompson, after spending 11 years in the human resources field.

In her opinion, you shouldn’t stick around in a job “where you are fully capable, and in the right role, and you were really doing great work” or “you’re suddenly not doing a good job, and you’ve become a bad teammate and a bad employee because you’re so frustrated.”

At that point, according to Thompson, it is for the best to move on without a job, “so that they actually have a good memory of you.”

Claire Reynolds