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You should never answer this question at a job interview

Job interviews can pretty stressful with many questions to answer while still keeping a good impression. However, there is a question you should avoid giving a straight answer. If you are asked “What are your salary requirements?” or “How much are you making in your current job?” you should think twice before offering this information to a potential employer.

In most cases, the first reaction is to state how much you make and make known your financial demands. Rami Sethi, a bestselling personal finance writer explained this is merely a trap.

The author says that employers might be willing to offer you more than what you are asking. A flat refuse to answer the question would give the interviewer a bad impression but there is a tactic that could be helpful.


Sethi says that one should try and explain you are willing to discuss money in the near-future, but you should try and see if there is a good fit for both parts. Such an answer communicated confidence to the interviewer and can suggest you have multiple offers on the table.

This strategy involves holding off on salary negotiations until the hiring manager comes with a job offer.
Another idea would be to answer based on what people in that position make at the company.

Regarding the current salary situation, try to focus on other benefits and duties that have yet to be reflected in a raise.

One thing is clear, whatever the case do not answer directly. Otherwise, you already lose edge in the negotiations process before it even began.

Alexa Stewart