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Did you accidentally send an email to your co-workers? Here’s how you fix this

We all make various mistakes at work at some point. However, do we know how to properly react when this happens?

The first and most important step is to know and recognize what you have done, according to Kirsten Helvey, chief operating officer at Cornerstone OnDemand. She recently explained on The Leadership Insiders platform that fixing the mistake depends exclusively on the attitude one has in those circumstances.

“„I’’ve made mistakes large and small— from the dreaded ‘reply all’ email mishaps to giving the green light on hiring the wrong person. Regardless of the size of the mistake, I believe in doing two things immediately after it happens: Own it and act on it,”” Helvey claims.

“„Owning your mistakes puts you in control of how to remedy them. You’’re not hiding or ashamed, which will paralyze your response. I’’ve been in the unfortunate situation of accidentally sending what were supposed to be internal emails to clients. I owned the mistake and called the clients directly to apologize for sharing anything inappropriate. They appreciated that, and my taking responsibility allowed us to quickly move forward. Inaction is what can turn a mistake into a tragedy,”” she further added.

Moreover, Helvey emphasized that the same advice is valid for people in leading positions. „”As a manager, it’s important to create an environment that allows for people to be comfortable sharing their mistakes and gives them the opportunity to fix and learn from them. And in turn, your team will allow you to make the occasional mistake as well,”” she concluded.

Diane Stinsow