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Answering work emails at home can have bad influence on you

Answering work emails at home and after business hours may have a bad influence on you, according to Mal Fletcher, social futurist and commentator.

Being digitally engaged 24 hours a day has a negative impact on the way we think, according to a number of studies. Moreover, it appears that technology itself is not the problem but how we engage with it, explained Fletcher on the BBC iPlayer.

Secondly, Fletcher also says that email is now being treated as a form of social media.

“That’s a new thing that never happened before, and it changes the way we engage with things like email”.

Another important element we have to consider is that employees work hard for their vacation time and they should try and disconnect from work.

“The third thing, which is very important, is that paid vacation time was hard won. Flexi-time was hard won in many companies. Now digital engagement, if we’re not careful, will slowly chip away at our right to time off, or paid time off, or time off generally”, he explained after in the context of a new employment law enforced by France.

Starting January 1, French firms with more than 50 workers must set out the terms of sending work emails at home, and to specify clearly the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer them.

Madeline Gorthon

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