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Former CCO on advice he would’ve given his 25-year-old self: “Take care of your job and your career will take care of itself.”

Brad Shaw, the former Chief Communications Officer of The Home Depot and co-creator of new podcast “Crazy Good Turns” has plenty of wisdom to share with young people. He advises them stay in the moment.

After being the CCO at The Home Depot for 11 years, Shaw retired in March of 2015. As CCO, he led the company’s media relations, corporate giving and philantropy.

“I firmly believe if you set out to be the best at whatever it is you choose to do and don’t spend as much time worrying about career planning and networking and all the other things which so many people do give advice on and which can take time away from being the best at what you do, you’ll be a better executive,” Shaw said in an interview with Business Insider.

Shaw confessed that the best piece of advice he has received came from the founder and CEO of Gateway and also his former boss, Ted Waitt. “I was just over 30 and had been recruited to run communications, my first big job leading a big, cross-functional team,” he said. “Being in the C-suite at that age was pretty intimidating and I was a bit brittle when it came to criticism of me or my team by my colleagues, and it showed in meetings. Ted told me to relax, don’t take it personally, and focus on fixing what’s not working, and everything will be fine. It was.”

His simplest piece of advice for young people starting out in their careers is this: “Take care of your job and your career will take care of itself.”

Daisy Wilder