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How much you should be getting paid, considering your age

We expect our wages to go up with time but that’s not always the case. And since talking about salaries is still taboo, Instant Office, a broking services for office space looked at what wages should employees expect, given their ages and taking the average income in the UK into account.

According to their study, those in their late teens should expect to go home with a pay check between £1,270–£1,361 while employees in their twenties should go home with between £1,829 and £1,924. Income peaks for those in their thirties and they should have salaries of £2,331–£2,535. For employees in their forties, incomes should be between £2,258–£2,830.

How much you should be earning 1
source: Instant Offices

Instant Office also found that women make the most money while in their thirties while men reach their peak income in their forties.

The report also shows that the fastest way to grow a salary is thorough negotiations and that employees should be informed and compare their income and set of skills with the average salaries in their particular field. Also studying and getting additional degrees and certifications can bring in a pay raise.

Salaries are higher for those that have received a good education form a reputable institution. Also, when talking about income, it is essential to take into consideration the profile of the company that does the hiring.

Location is also important, salaries are higher in London, followed by Crawley, Slough, Reading and Aberdeen. Mansfield and Wigan have the lowest reported incomes.

How much you should be earning
source: Instant Offices

In England, the highest payed jobs are for pilots and aircraft engineers followed by chief executives and air traffic controllers. The lowest paying jobs go to cleaners.

Sylvia Jacob