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Opinion: Why I will not miss Toys R Us


I am honestly surprised it took this long for Toys R Us to file for bankruptcy.

With Toys R Us recently filing for bankruptcy, it might just be the beginning of the end for the retail chain.


The internet has slowly killed retail stores like Toys R Us. While a retail store may allow consumers to see what products they could buy and maybe test them out, websites like Amazon have customer reviews that allow consumers to see if they are worth buying. In addition, anyone can easily look up someone trying out the products on YouTube.


The only major advantage a retail store like Toys R Us may still have is that a consumer can just go the store and get the products without having to pay extra for shipping but only if it is available at the specific location. Depending on the consumer, it may be more affordable to just buy the product online rather than waste a whole day going outside and looking for it in multiple stores.


I used to go to Toys R Us a lot during the late 90s and early 2000s to buy video games. However, within the past ten years, I have only gone around five or six times. All but one of those visits were to buy presents off of various family and friends’ baby registries. The last time I ever bought anything for myself at the store was a Magic 8-Ball back around 2009. A lot of the same type of purchases I used to regularly to do at Toys R Us are now easier for me to do on Amazon, eBay, and even GameStop.


I have seen several of my favorite stores succumb to bankruptcy such as Blockbuster and Circuit City. Ironically, I would wind up going far more regularly to those stores when they had their going out of business sales just to enjoy the discounts. It was disappointing to see them shut down, but like with the Los Angeles Chargers, I accept it and move on with my life.


I really do not think that Toys R Us will get out of bankruptcy. Unless a bigger store or company like Amazon were to acquire the company, this is truly the beginning of the end for Toys R Us.


What do you think about the bankruptcy? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Feel free to comment down below.

Joel Garcia

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