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Most Luxurious Hotel Launched in Romania

Platinia is a mixed-use real estate concept that made its entrance on Cluj Napoca’s
property market with two towers featuring residential and corporate space. The ever-
expending network was developed by Sile Puscas, a successful Romanian
businessman who thrives to introduce high European standards in every project that
he undertakes.

Two years later in 2015, Platinia expanded its network through the development of a
one-size-fits-all project in the heart of the city (about 60,000m²), achieving a real
estate diversification never seen before on Romania’s real estate scene. The third
addition from Platinia’s portfolio features two luxury residential developments built on
top of a modern 14k square meters shopping gallery, both being directly connected
to a 5 star hotel.

The revitalizing Platinia Shopping Center has become the new focal point for the
city’s social scene. Featuring a contemporary avant-garde design, the shopping
centre is home to established clothing stores such as H&M, a luxury multi brand
store presenting the latest fashion collections, four restaurants with specific cuisines
(Japanese, Italian, Argentinian and Urban Food), two coffee shops, a library, a sleek
3 in 1 conference room and one of the largest grocery stores in Romania called
Mega Image. Furthermore, the hotel clients, visitors and residents can enjoy a
contemporary in-house art gallery visit, impeccable services at the hair salon or at
the gym, or spend their time in the casino, open 24/7.

The Platinia luxury 5 stars hotel is located right above the shopping mall providing
direct access and features 120 suites of 60m² and 110m². Each suit includes an
open balcony for smokers. The hotel fuses modern art with top world class furniture
design, creating an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

What’s more, all the suits are designed to have separate bedroom, lounge area and
office space. The hotel’s lounge area, located on the ground floor, features a
sophisticated design and a truly imposing fire place. Breakfast contains top quality
ingredients from Italy and is served in the Italian restaurant.

Platinia Hotel’s secret treasure is a truly unique 360° view penthouse extended on 370m², as well as a
220m² balcony. All four developments are complemented with a parking facility of
600 spaces.

The Platinia network addresses the diverse needs of the entire community,
benefiting from higher quality tenants, a wide blend of services, improved support,
central location with easy access to the city’s major sights, and walkability.
“I decided to develop Platinia in order to improve the lifestyle for its residents and
provide the hotel guests with a full palette of services at their fingertips.

Nevertheless, such a wide range of services (more than 40 shops and services)
would have been much more difficult to introduce in a hotel development.”, says
founder Sile Puscas.

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