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America’s richest counties and what states offer the highest wages and salaries

When it comes to America’s riches counties, data from the IRS reveal that Texas is the lead while New York still runs the show when it comes to highest wages and salaries.

Americans might be surprised in finding out that according to the latest data available from the IRS, a Texas county is leading the charts when it comes to the highest adjusted gross income. While for the entire US, the AGI average is at $65,685, the richest county in America, McMullen County in Texas had an average AGI per federal return in 2015 of $303,717, according to a database search on the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

McMullen beat Tenton county in Wyoming and New York which came in second and third. And according to Bloomberg, the analysis shows that shale oil money overshadows stock market wealth.

McMullen, with a population of almost 800, according to USA Data, has an unusually high number of agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, compared to other Texas counties.

And shale oil is important not only for McMullen but also for Glasscock County, in Texas where reserves raised the average AGI to $181,375, making the country the fourth on the list.

Top richest counties in America

County AGI
McMullen County (Tilden, TX) 303,717
Teton County (Moose, WY) 248,949
New York County (Manhattan, NY) 210,233
Glasscock County (Garden City, TX) 181,375
Marin County (Point Reyes Station, CA) 158,753
Fairfield County (Danbury, CT) 158,253
McKenzie County (Watford City, ND) 154,013
San Mateo County (Menlo Park, CA) 152,911
Pitkin County (Aspen, CO) 147,271
La Salle County (Cotulla, TX) 146,991

Money Magazine footnoted that while Teton County was in recent years always on top positions, in 2005, no Texas county was ranked among the top 30 most wealthy in the U.S.

When it comes to wages and salaries, the analysis offers little to no surprises. New York county leads the way with an average of over $100,000, thanks to Manhattan, followed by Falls Church City in Virginia with a little over $93,000 and San Mateo in California with about the same average.

Business and financial operations, computers and tech industries still provide the highest paying jobs, according to the analysis.

Top counties with the highest wages

County Salaries and wages
New York County (Manhattan, NY) 106,778
Falls Church City (Falls Church, VA) 93,132
San Mateo County (Menlo Park, CA) 93,101
Fairfield County (Danbury, CT) 90,727
Santa Clara County (Palo Alto, CA) 90,380
Loudoun County (Round Hill, VA) 88,646
Somerset County (Lyons, NJ) 86,160
Westchester County (Montrose, NY) 85,729
Morris County (Picatinny, NJ) 85,339
San Francisco County (San Francisco, CA) 82,918

According to the same analysis, Clay County is the poorest in the US while Catron County has the lowest wages with only $26,649.

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